you know, as a visual artist, I tend to despise verbally explaining myself. I, for some reason feel like the idea of the piece should be apparent, which is kind of foolish. 

The idea of writing the book to accompany my tarot cards has been frightening me for weeks now. I kept putting it off and thinking to myself "I'm not a writer!! it's going to suck!!" 

Well after finally talking myself into devoting real time to it this week I've realized something about myself.
 1. I am a storyteller 
2. Even though it's been years since I have given readings, I'm still very good at it. 

I am a storyteller, I LOVE to explain the meaning behind my cards to people and the history behind them. I love to tell other people about a person in the pasts' struggles and triumphs. I love American underbelly history and folklore and become very excited when someone asks me "hey what happened to that person" and I know the answer. My story telling methods I can thank my dad for. He is a very captivating story teller and no matter  how many times I hear them, I always love hearing one again. I have adopted a lot of his characteristics when I tell my stories. What more is writing the story of each card down than story telling? Hang on, I got this :) 

I'm good at giving readings. I used to do it all the time and I enjoy connecting with people and helping them through their problems. I love the look of epiphany on a person's face when they realize something they hadn't before during a reading. It's a great time in someone's life and I get to share it for a moment and maybe even contribute. How awesome is that? Which is one of the reasons, when this deck is done. I'll be offering my assistance with the deck by booking as many readings as possible with my very own deck! Also it seems to come kind of natural to me, something else takes over in a sense and I feel like it's something I'm meant to do more. 

With these 2 factors I have a book! and it's mostly done too. As you can probably tell, from my blogs, I'm the queen of fragmented sentences and grammatical errors though. So thankfully my mom is going to help me edit the book and with her vast Tarot knowledge she can also offer some suggestions on my interpretations of each card.

Here is an example of my interpretation of one card in particular , pre mom edit. Hope it gives an idea of the road I am taking this deck down :) It's kind of eerie, how I went down one road with this card and wasn't sure why until I did more research. The Hanged Man, I chose to portray a Lincoln Conspirator and wasn't sure why other than I wanted an outlaw and this man's final photograph is one of the most haunting pictures I have ever see., even though it wasn't really relevant to the meaning of the card, or so I thought. Turns out in Italy this card was also referred to as "The Traitor" because it was common to hang traitors up by their ankles, painful and humiliating I'm sure. Kind of spooky, and it keeps happening with each card! Anyway, Hope you like it! :) feedback is encouraged, positive or negative. 

The Hanged Man XII

 Lewis Payne or Powell was a lesser known Lincoln Conspirator. His main crime was an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the secretary of state. After Powell was arrested, detained on a military vessel and photographed, he was executed by hanging. His neck was so strong that he hung for 5 minutes before finally dying. This card in Italy was often referred to as Il Traditore (The Traitor) where at the time it was a common punishment to hang traitors by their feet.

Although the meaning of this card has changed over the years there continues to be a positive way and a negative way to approach the predicament of hanging upside down without the safety and comfort of gravity. Upright this card refers to a sacrifice and surrender of control. Accept that surrendering to the things you cannot change can sometimes be very liberating. Reversed this card represents confusion and a false calling. Sometimes when you have your blinders on or are upside down for example, it’s hard to see things outside of yourself and the big picture. Instead of being baffled by your loss of footing try to go with the flow of change.