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"Dear mailman sir, I am home and anxiously awaiting your arrival! Please Knock! Thank You :) "

reads the note on the front door of my apartment. I'm expecting my decks to arrive today! and I'm VERY excited and also afraid my EXTREMELY angry mailman won't make much of an effort to drop them with me hand to hand. So I'm just sitting on the edge of the couch and ready to jump up as soon as I hear him outside! 

Breaking in your Deck

I would like to offer some suggestions for those that will be receiving their decks in the mail soon as to how to familiarize yourself with the deck and for the deck to familiarize itself with you! 

I feel like the best way to make your deck your own is to grab one end with your pointer finger and the other end with your thumb and squeeze to flip the cards all over the floor and pick them up one by one and put them back together. Remember, when your doing this and shuffling the cards, that they have both upright and reversed meanings, so don't make an effort to get them all facing upright. Just casually put them back together as you see fit. Trust your guts.

Another way to acclimate to your deck is just to handle it often. Hold them while sitting on the couch or whenever you have free time. I would bet this will help your readings be as accurate as possible.

Please make sure to let me know if you have any questions about your deck, the book, a reading and so on. I'm more than happy to help everyone as much as possible.  

annnnddd as soon as I finished writing this, it was here!!