Well let's get the News out of the way first :) Opening with this gorgeous flyer for the Georgetown Art Attack. Here's a link to the website which I'm mentioned on. Huntting spelled wrong though...... If I could dig up that ancestor I found out changed it from Hunting to Huntting, I'd smack him!


I would also like to specify EXACTLY where the art show is in Georgetown. It's in the Old Rainier Brewing Co. Building, my favorite building in Seattle.  at this Studiohttp://www.vectaphoto.com/aboutstudio.html

5970 Airport way. If you just head down the dirt road where the sign says 5970 Airport way and swing a left behind the building the entrance is on the back side of the building. I mention this because I got pretty lost my first time trying to find the exact studio. It was a fun kind of lost though, such an awesome building and perfect space to turn into artist lofts. My art seems to agree with the old brick building quite well and I'm excited to hopefully hang more often in the future there and maybe something bigger and more elaborate. I'm really hoping to see some familiar faces at this show. The only problem with working all the time and working on art and shows in between is you don't really see friends nearly often enough. 

I also have a show opening on June 3rd at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland, Ca. 

I would really like to create some new pieces to introduce at this show, but also just because it's time to roll out some new work instead of focusing so much on showing the current work I already have so many ideas in the works! but ideas sadly don't always=done! I hate logistics but that doesn't make them go away sadly. Despite too little time and funds I'm going to try it anyway!

Like many of my pieces, these ones will also be based on Tarot Cards in hopes to make a full deck someday. I am working on a piece about Peg Entwistle, An old California style motel swimming pool with a trashy/sexy broad swimming in it, a mob boss, a live fortune teller arcade booth, an old cat lady based on Big Eddie Beale and a Texas Prison Executioner oh and of course a Vegas Piece or 2.

 There's always plenty of great subject matter to pay homage to in dark Americana and I'm very grateful for that. The day I run out of ideas in this area is going to be a sad day indeed.

Like I said though, running out time is bound to happen so I will do my very best to kick out a couple more pieces! I would ideally like to have the modeling help of a man & a woman over the age of 50, an aerialist and some cats :) Please let me know if you can help me out! If I can't find an aerialist in time.....I'll just make Joel (my boyfriend) hold me upside down and get a picture of it hahaha. We make do with what we got!!!  right!?! :)