After a full day at the Curiosity Shop I'm finally ready to write my weekly blog! It's been a good week for American Obscura Tarot! Had a good time at the Mourning Market, sold a few decks and have been running to the post office pretty often to ship more. Glad I have my sercret post office locations SHH! nooooo linnnneeesss ;) Additional news is that I'll be reading tarot at the Mourning Market ladie's dance night, Nocturne on Friday and I have been accepted to vend at the Punk Rock Flea Market this summer! Should be fun. :) 

Wheel of Fortune

Card Inspiration

When I think of the Wheel of Fortune underbelly Americana style. How could I not think of a city that was created by the mob to feed America's need for instant gratification and vice? oh and of course the Wheel of Fortune game itself. There's a very distinct look to the Vegas show girls and continues to be something of a tradition in certain shows in Vegas. Elaborate, shiny feathery costumes and of course, because I'm me, I have to contradict that with scar tissue and manikin hands. I enjoy putting something stark, real and raw with something plastic and fake. The statement I'm going for is everything has cracks when you look close enough. 

Vegas is the American dream at it's shiniest and most hollow. When people always ask me why I like Vegas and why I enjoy traveling there, it's so fake and shallow, I say that it's a lesson in culture for me and I enjoy seeing people behave exactly as they've always wanted to. There's an honesty to it that contradicts the fantasy of it and I like that a lot. 

Las Vegas has been a den of vice since the 1930's when workers from around the world came to build the hoover dam but the man who started it's allure and style was gangster Bugsy Siegel  who built the Flamingo Hotel. Although he never enjoyed the fruits of nefarious labor, it started a city that was owned and controlled by the mob from the get go. Now Vegas is like a slightly more PG-R rated Disneyland but if you pay attention you can see old Vegas all around you and if you wander off the strip you might see some causalities of that American dream of over indulgence.


Kitty Baby photographed by me
I had a TREMENDOUS amount of help with this one. The one woman in the piece is a combination of 3 wonderful women as well as the drawing being based on a gorgeous 60's actress that I realized my friend April Cornell really resembled (depicted bellow) I also had the extremely good fortune to have a wonderful and genuine show girl, my friend Kitty Baby come over with her all her negligee and incredible ideas. Lastly my friend Christy Brooker was nice enough to let me photograph her scar tissue to sample for skin textures. 

April Cornell photographed by me
3 beautiful, interesting and talented women to help me build one crazy showgirl lady. I'm very lucky to have so much great help! After drawing the head and body separately, photographing manikins, feathers glitter and my models I began to assemble as I do layering various textures and costuming onto her until I feel like she's complete! There we have our wheel of fortune! 

Christy Brooker photographed by me

Card Meaning

Upright this card is a good sign! It means good luck for you and change for the better. This could mean the beginning of something new and exciting for you such as career advancement, a new job, a new love. Reversed it can mean your going a little too far. You might be indulging too much or living too extravagantly. I believe in luck but you also have to look for the right opportunities and jump at them. It pays to always be on your toes and not drown in your good fortune.