Lots of fun things to report! I'm keepin busy! :) 
First of all, Luminarte Gallery in Dallas, TX. has decided to keep my show and rotate it periodically for the time being.  I'm excited that it will be in Dallas a little longer and hopefully see some more exposure and/or find new homes.


April 17th is the Mourning Market at Club Motor 12-5 and I'm excited to FINALLY! be bringing some necklaces I am proud of and to be in a booth next to Miss. Jenny Dayton and get to know her a bit more :) amazing painter and seems like a sweet lady! 

I guess it's about that time to start thinking about how my boyfriend Joel and I will be leaving for New York in 2 weeks! I'm super excited to be there again and see my Mama later in the week!

I'm Especially! excited to be participating in a one night art show at Niagara 112 Avenue A New York, NY  for the Antagonist Art Movement Show. Bellow is an awesome video that explains a little more about them and what they are about. It's a photography show and I'm actually really stoked that they decided to include me in a photo show, kind of acknowledges that my work is a fusion and a big part of it is photography. If you live in the area, or have friends in the area, I would be very grateful if you considered attending! Once I have a flyer and more info I'll post that too.
On a non art related note, I don't usually tend to make super definite plans when I go out of town. I kind of like to roam around and find good eye candy and food but I'm VERY! excited to go to/ support the Tenement Museum when we are in New York. It appears to be a very different kind of history museum, a lot more gritty and about  people in history that could have been otherwise forgotten about. Having done some genealogy research on my grandparents and their family it became pretty apparent to me when all you can find on your ancestors is a census from the early 1900's showing 11 people in a tenement apartment that it's pretty easy for a majority of immigrants in New York to be forgotten in history. Which is the reason I'm so interested in this museum. Each floor tells a story about the family that lived there pieced together from living relatives, left behind trinkets and crime scene photos. LOVE IT. check it out online 

Picture of my great Uncle Peter Bellone with his wife Rita and their kids Bobby and  Kay.