For the last couple of months Mike Folden has been working with me on creating a video that helps describe my work and how it all comes together at the suggestion of a couple of professionals who's opinion I trust very much. Apparently it's been difficult to understand the medium for some people who would like a user friendly explanation of "What" it is.

I personally feel that the goal of an artist is to express a feeling or idea in their head and in order to succeed at that, an artist should use whatever is necessary and available to convey that image from their brains. Mediums don't matter too much to me.It's a means to an end.

Being diverse is not celebrated nearly enough in the art world. Using a variety of skills that you have picked up in your lifetime and meshing them into one package whether it be technical skills you picked up in art school or something you learned working as a graveyard waitress in a diner, it all has it's purpose and can be turned into something useful.

I am a painter who went to photography school. I do portraits, nice, clean portraits. I also take very disturbing, raw and gritty photos. In school I was told I needed to focus on one thing. People often asked me why I was doing photography? In my paintings I felt something was missing. Portraiture is fun, but without a theme or environment I felt like I wasn't doing it much justice and photography has great potential for texture and realism . I could create environments, sample textures , collect places and things  and combine them with my illustration perspective and there it was! I got what I had always been wanting to see, what was in my head was finally there.

Enough Soapbox, with that said Mike Folden did a REALLY excellent job of conveying what it is I do in under 3 minutes, showing you a piece from start to finish, making it interesting and expressing to the viewer who I am. The amount of effort he put into this is astounding and I'll always be grateful that I had just the right person for the job.

Now a couple of announcements

I'm excited to say that I will have an opening for all my new work in December back on Capitol Hill again for the first time in 3 years. I am excited after doing shows in other cities this year to hopefully have a big fun opening with all my local friends soon. With luck and a lot of hard work, I might also have the Tarot Deck with me at that time. I have a plan to make it happen and we'll hope it goes according to it. The people that have been going out of their way to come to house and model have been a big part of making this deadline and I'm really very grateful.

I have been accepted to the Twilight Arts collective for both my multi media work and my paintings which is extremely exciting for me and means I will soon have prints, pendants and paintings in their West Seattle location for sale.

For the moment I have to focus on painting and merchandise and then it's nose to the grindstone to complete this deck in time for Christmas. The accomplishment of that would be the best Christmas present there is for me.