First off, please forgive me for not writing a blog last week. It was a very busy time that was combined with a high fever and a runny nose. However, I'm back on track and enjoying a little blog writing in my pjs today! 

I've been giving a lot more readings lately and still really enjoying it. People are fascinating and
when I feel like I'm really able to provide some perspective it's very rewarding for me. 

Yesterday was the Mourning Market and I had a blast! Met some new people and had some cool conversations. Including one with a game historian! Who expanded on the history of tarot BEFORE the Italians had it in the 1500's. Very fascinating! 

I decided this week we're going to discuss the very powerful High Priestess! One, because she comes up in readings so rarely but has with a lot of the people I've read for lately. She is also a great one to discuss the inspiration behind the artwork since a lot of it came from a shop that I am now working at part time! Ye Old Curiosity Shop, on the waterfront here in Seattle! Come in sometime and say hello! 

The High Priestess

History and Inspiration

The fortune teller machine goes back to arcades, amusement parks and boardwalks in the early part of the 20th century. 

When I was thinking about an Americana underbelly representation of the powerfully intuitive High Priestess, I thought about psychics with neon signs and various other possibilities that I hoped would convey the idea of never judging a book by it's cover, power can come from unlikely places and nothing is ever as it seems. I finally decided that a manikin inside of a fortune teller machine with plastic skin and seams at her wrist, winking with a human eye would definitely convey that idea. I started by visiting 2 of the fortune teller machines I knew of in downtown Seattle and photographing other manikins in store windows. I finally ended up at the location of the last fortune teller machine I knew of which was at The Old Curiosity Shop on the waterfront. They have an incredible collection as well as plenty of aged textures for me to sample from. For example, in my Emperor mob boss card I wanted the Emperor to have a hint in his hand which suggests his hands were once dirty, the brown and black texture on his finger nail is the finger nail of Sylvester, the real life mummy at the Old Curiosity Shop. As I mentioned before, I am working here part time now that the deck is finished and I'm hoping to get some artistic inspiration from the environment, well, again! I'm already learning a lot and having fun! 

After I drew my fortune teller and photographed the fortune teller machine and manikin parts I photographed my friend Angela's winking eye and skin to sneak into the image, and viola! human hint in plastic and my fantasy of inanimate objects coming to life, achieved! 

Card Meaning

The High Priestess is a woman of considerable intuitive power. When you get this card in a reading, it is important to listen to your instincts and continue with a strength of purpose in your life. Pay attention to your body, behavior and everything/everyone around you, and you'll be able to learn something valuable about yourself or make wise decisions based on a gut feeling. Reversed, this card is about your being insensitive and superficial with a wealth of surface knowledge. Take care not to spin out of control with your own self importance and pay attention to how others react to your intensity. 

One final thought I would love to get your opinion on! I feel like my Etsy Shop looks a little bare with only my tarot decks in there and 1 reading. What do you think of over sized, mounted tarot cards for people's wall? 

Hope everyone has a great week!