Or at least music I like to make art to. Perhaps you will too. I'm currently working on the customized Christmas postcards I was thinking about and I have a lot more in the pipeline that I'm planning to draw and paint. Looking at a lot of National Archive photos for inspiration. I'm more interested in making Americana art the old fashioned way than the digital way these days so I can have actual "ORGINALS" I know that seems weird but if I ever want to do a show again, I would like for it to be worth it to come down and see my pieces in person. Although the multi media method was kind of a EUREKA! moment for me when I started doing it, I'm ready to move on  to another forms of inspiration and methods. Diversify is my middle name! 
sketching a movie star with popcorn hair. Popcorn hair definitely being the hardest part! I will figure it out though!

I listen to a fair amount of music, sometimes willingly and sometimes forcibly since my husband is a show booker, but I come across a few things that I find particularly helpful for getting me in the mood to make the dark Americana art. Also to give credit where it's due, my husband introduces me to most of the music I listen to now. He helped me to grow and diversify my musical taste a little, helping me to see past goth, punk, psychobilly and so on. 

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis 

This one was introduced to me ohhhh probably around 6 years ago by my friend and brain twin, Danny Dodge, when we saw The Proposition & my now favorite western, The Assassination of Jesse James. I love the music they wrote for both those movies and have found it peaceful to work to while inspiring and cinematic. 

Neil Young
Dead Man

Also along the lines of movie soundtrack my 2nd! favorite Western movie, Dead Man and the music that Neil Young wrote for it. Perfect quiet background music for drawing, painting and thinking patiently. 

Mark Lanegan
GraveDigger's Song 

Do you think maybe Mark Lanegan and I might be on the same page just a touch??? I could watch this video over and over again.

16 Horsepower

Introduced to my by husband when we first starting dating 5 years ago, (his favorite band) this was a major influence on me towards the beginning of my multi media work. 

Dexter Romweber Duo

Major influence in general. Deserves more credit for his contribution to music and creative genius.

King Dude 

Also creatively assimilate with the imaginary and music of this Seattle band. I would love to make some art surrounding the story of this song at some point 

Gun Club

goth + western= perfection

Bessie Smith

Raunchy pre sensorship 1920's Jazz/Blues. There's an honesty to it that you won't find elsewhere. 

Webb Pierce

Offbeat, ironic 50s/60s Texan pop country

Pokey Lafarge

Ridiculously fun, old timey and rag timey
Don't forget to purchase your copy of the Tarot Deck before it's impossible for me to get one to you in time for C

First of all, it's no longer Misha Huntting, it's Misha Dumois! Woo Hoo! Got married! but for google search and general laziness reasons we're gunna stick with Huntting on this website.

Me and the core of my life, my Joel during our first dance. Photo by my friend Cecilia Corsano
That's me on the left :) and the ridiculously gorgeous Annie on the right. A friend, a muse and the lovely model for the Empress card btw ;)

Our wedding photographer was Hannah at Cryptic Fish. Wonderful to work with!

Okay onto the business! I've had a fair amount of people asking for the deck again. Not millions mind you but what they lack in numbers they make up for in passion and persistence. Which has encouraged me to consider other options for printing the deck for those that want it and not just that, but at the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr!!! Aka the time when people give gifts. So me and the very talented and awesome co creator, Christa Harden, started trying to cook up ideas to accommodate the few that would like to have one. I will no longer be printing a big run and then trying to unload them through various methods of sale and promotion. Although this is the less expensive option, it is going to turn out better for me if we can print them to order. This will take a little longer to deliver but it allows me to still offer them to those that want them. Christa will be taking the order from me at her Print Shop in Battleground, Wa. known as Battleground Printing (yay small business!) shipping them back to me and then I will in turn, ship them to you.

Having stepped away from the project for a bit has helped me to not be quite so married to a lot of the bells and whistles of the deck that were time consuming and expensive. 1. they will be STANDARD tarot card size. 2. There will not be a box or a sticker, just a lovely muslin bag to keep them in. And finally 3. they will no longer have the minor arcana.

To be honest with you, I use a deck that contains only the illustrated cards and have just as accurate of a reading. I know some might agree with this, some might not and although I love the minor arcana, it will be a deck of only the artwork at about 38 cards.

Along with my deck I've been working on a lot more artwork and different styles and mediums that I will be listing there as well to purchase as prints.

I just finished this gift for my husband the other day in fact.
Which I will be making print ready for sale on etsy very soon. So please check back often to my shop as I will be uploading SOMETHING just about every day and hopefully turning out new pieces every couple weeks. Also I think I might have a solid thing cooked up as a customizable Christmas Postcard so look out for that.

If your still reading this, thanks for hangin' in there and still checking in with me after my required step away. 
Well that's it folks! After over 3 years of making, producing, and selling close to 200, There are 2 tarot decks left. One is for me and the other is for my infinitely supportive mother who helped me immensely with the production of this product, insight advice and writing the booklet. I can still make prints and sell a few cards individually though so feel free to ask :) Thanks to all those that bought the deck and helped me with it in any way, your all very much appreciated and I'm lucky to have such a great support system. 

I couldn't even list every single person that helped with this project and supported it. It's incredible. 
Battleground Printing that printed the first run
Christa Harden who did all the graphic design
At least 50 or more models 
Friends and strangers that bought it
Everyone that brainstormed with me
Places such as the Mourning Market, Spooked in Seattle, Punk Rock Flea Market that let me vend and hang art. 
Even those that went so far as to give me a loan to print ;) 

The list goes on..... 

I am happy to make custom prints of various quality and size of the artwork itself and will be working on developing that in my etsy today. I also have a few individual cards available for purchase. I might also continue to look for a publisher but sadly without the means to print and sell a large quantity, I won't be able to continue to print them. The numbers just don't add up anymore.  

Here's a link to my etsy store to see what I still sell there. Feel free to write me with custom requests.

and if you don't have yours yet and have been considering getting one, you should probably order as soon as possible. I will be recalling all my retail decks and I will not be doing another run of cards anytime soon. It's possible that I might again someday depending on certain factors but I can't say for sure right now. If you don't get a deck or you want one later, please take the time to send me an email with your contact info so I can add you to a list of interested parties.

I will still be selling the art online and some cards individually for about a buck each so stay tuned to my etsy store for that as well as any new projects I have ideas for. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions.

First and foremost, tarot decks are available again on etsy! I now have 2 tarot deck options. One is the full deck and the other is a smaller deck comprised of only the custom artwork cards for art collectors. Also, I will have gift certificates available! To see my shop please follow this link-
American Obscura Etsy Shop

Secondly, I am now going to be giving readings out of the Spooked and Seattle ghost tour headquarters in Pioneer Square on 1st and Cherry. The location is amazing! with a gift shop, ghost tours, lectures and a walk through the original Seattle Underground with world renowned paranormal investigators. We all make a perfect team and together we're bringing together a spooky collective of Seattle business owners and enthusiasts.

Our opening night is October 6th. I will be giving $10 readings that night and displaying my art. I hope you can all make it! Feel free to stop in anytime from 6pm-10pm. To add yourself on facebook to this event please go to this link

Spooked in Seattle Opening Event

Thank you for your continuing interest in American Obscura and let me know if you have any questions! 
First of all, I can't WAIT for Halloween! Especially this year, because I'll be reading in a spooky section of the Seattle underground surrounded by Ghosts and fellow spooky history enthusiasts.
To Coincide with the opening of my tarot reading space at the spooked in Seattle headquarters on 1st and Cherry st. will be an art show there as well and my etsy store opening back up with tarot cards for sale as well as gift certificates. Check back by Oct 6th. Not only that! Oct. 7th is the Mourning Market at it's new location, El Corazon! Lots on the plate but Halloween only comes once a year and all these awesome opportunities don't come that often at all :) gotta jump at em!

Although cleaning an underground restaurant that has been empty for 2 years can be stressful, as you can see, everyone is keeping their energy up!! I was lucky enough to have 2 lovely tough ladies in suits help me clean out, shop for furniture and paint my small corner of this huge and spooky space. I'm excited to see it come together and enormously grateful for all the support and help I've had. I don't know what I did karmatically to deserve it! but I'll gladly take it!

Anyway, keep up with my progress and look for the big updates from me to come down to the space if your local and check out my etsy changes. 

Hello Readers! 

I have some exciting updates for you! First of all, I finished my small business owners class and have gotten some great ideas and feedback for my tarot deck and artwork and I have been re structuring things a bit. My Etsy store is closed at the moment but will re open early Oct. will my full tarot deck for sale as well as a new product! I'll also be offering just the major arcana cards in a deck for $36 for those that would like another option besides the full deck. I'm looking forward to the holiday season and getting my deck into more stores. 

Second, I have been asked to give readings at the Spooked in Seattle new headquarters in Pioneer Square. The space is incredible, formerly known as Luigi's Grotto, it's a basement location that will have incredible curios on display, a walk through the Seattle Underground and an old timey portrait studio in a Victorian Spiritualist reading room! I'm looking forward it! 

Opening night is Oct 6th and I will be the featured artist for the following month with my artwork on display as well as being there to give readings. I'll have store hours posted soon and will be able to take appointments as well as walk ins at an inspiring and mysterious location. It's a perfect marriage of my reading and artwork style with a great space and group of people. 

I hope to see you all there on Oct 6th! Here is their website

Spooked in Seattle

Hello Everyone! Sorry it's been so long. I've been taking a break from big decisions and actual business for a small business owners class! Which I just finished yesterday! I've learned a lot and am getting ready to implement it. It's called Washington CASH and I highly recommend it for anyone that is interested in going into business for themselves. 

I need to make a few changes to my tarot deck before the Holiday season and fund some additional education to be more professional  and stable in the hopefully near future. 

As I live pretty simply at the moment I would love to sell some art to fund my pursuit of the next phase and make some room in life. Yes, I am letting it go for very cheap but I feel it would be a big help in progressing towards the future, the art would go to a person who appreciates it and it costs me little to nothing to sell it :) 

Please let me know if you have any questions or request specific prints sizes and so on. I'm here to work with you :) 

Original ARtwork
Click on image for size info and price

Please specify at checkout if  you want local delivery, mail or pick up. If you would like me to mail you the Page of Wands canvas print please email me to discuss options. It's light, but big and doesn't roll up. 
Original Artwork

Prints Available
All Sizes are 8.5 x 11, matte 
$10 each or 4 for $30 
If you want prints of a different tarot 
Card than is listed or a band I photographed 
 etc. Just ask! 

Please specify which print(s) you would like in the message to seller space at checkout. I'm more than happy to mail these to you.

The Hanged Man

Hello Everyone! Sorry it has been so long! but here we go :) a well thought out and planned long winded and informative blog! Before we begin, it's time for an awfully personal story ;). Just had a very interesting conversation with my mom about how I'm battling some confusion with my spirituality. I believe in signs, destiny and manifestation with visual aid. I also believe in spirits but choose not to allow a lot of them into my environment anymore, however I do not identify with a system of beliefs and sometimes that worries me. I also don't receive very distinct messages from my environment these days. Am I not digging deep enough? Her answer to this was that a man once picked her out of a crowd at a seminar and told her she was a mystic. She replied, does that mean that I'm a psychic? and he said no, that means that your a person who gains your spiritual power from within yourself, not from churches or social interaction. She suggested that she had always thought this was the same with me....I have to agree and it's a jumping off point for additional contemplation. I have always thought that who we are is comprised of 3 parts: 1/3 who we were born as, 1/3 our environment and 1/3 the decisions we make. Because of this, regardless of the level of commitment we all give to spiritualism each day, I feel that tarot can be helpful to us when it comes to leading our decisions and teachings we achieve in our life on earth. :) I'll start with worshipping being here, being ourselves and thanking our ancestors and fate for making decisions that led to our birth! My artwork and tarot deck worships the resilience of mankind.

okay! Moving right along, our topic this fine day is the Hanged Man. Although I have always simply interpreted this card, regardless of the deck, as meaning a loss of footing in a good way sometimes, being as my tarot deck is Dark Americana themed....I had to go with someone that was hanged. At first I thought, maybe a cowboy outlaw hanging? I ended up choosing Lewis Payne. In this blog we're going to discuss a little American history, the traditional history of the card and how it strangely ended up playing a big role in my final decision for a theme.

The conspirator, the traitor

When I was a teenager, I found this photo of a man somewhere, who knows a movie? a book? but it stuck with me big time as an incredibly creepy and powerful image. Well when I was a teenager looking things up on the internet wasn't as accessible as it is now and I just kind of let it fall to the wayside and never knew who he was. 

Later in life I ran across it and a caption online that said his name was Lewis Payne (Powell) a lesser known Lincoln Assassination Conspirator that was executed by hanging, however he hung for 8 minutes before expiring just because of the strength of his neck. A dark story and a dark picture. This photo was taken right before his execution.

I wanted to use it as artwork for the Hanged Man but my main conflict was, what does this have to do with the meaning of the Hanged Man Card? Sure I'm artistically inspired and it works literally but what does it have to do with letting go of control? 

il tradatore

When I began looking at the dark theme of someone hanging by their neck for the hanged man, a form of death that has a lot of history in the United States as well as Europe. I was considering changing the theme until I began to do a little homework on the Italian Tarot, developed in Northern Italy in the 15th Century. 

I got chills up my spine when I read: The Hanged Man or sometimes known as Il Tradatore, The Traitor because a common punishment for Traitors at the time in Italy was to hang them by their toes, a painful and humiliating punishment. 

I also remembered reading somewhere that Venice especially at that time, was very paranoid about "Traitors!"

Although it STILL doesn't correlate with my definition of the meaning it felt so ironic to have already chosen Lewis Payne, a traitor, that I had to continue with it as him. History repeats itself and is ALWAYS relevant, in my opinion. 

Finding the right Face

Now keep in mind, that I don't look for someone with the EXACT face as my subject or character. I look at facial proportions and feature shapes more than anything, to see if they will "fit" into the existing drawing. While I was working on my drawing of Lewis Payne at my PT job at a rock club, which btw is where I finished A LOT of my work for the tarot deck lol because my bosses are awesome. NOT getting into trouble for drawing, is a super blessing in my life. If I had a dollar for every time I got into trouble for drawing at school or work in my life I could retire!!...anyway! I was drawing Lewis Payne and thinking man where am I going to find someone to model for the photography portion of this piece?? He's a hard face to match! and up strolls Jacob B, not only a rare thing these days for me to just run into him but literally moments after I asked myself this question. Thank you fates! He was perfect! Here is a photo we took for the piece. You''ll see how I have his face at the exact same expression and angle (in the wrong direction hahaha! but I just flip flopped it when I started working on it. mistakes happen!) as well as the lighting design meant to emulate the illustration and photo I drew it from. Taking the textured and photo portions of these pieces is not as simple as a snap shot :) He fit with the piece when I was in the final stages of putting it together perfectly! Yay fates for your assistance in making everything come together! :) and this is not the first and only time this happened while creating my deck. I had a lot of help, I could sense it :) oh and of course thanks Jacob....Jacob and fates. :) 

Card meaning

Although the meaning of this card has changed over the years, there continues to be a positive and negative way to approach the predicament of hanging upside down without a safety net. Upright this card refers to the sacrifice and surrender of control. Accept that surrendering to the things you cannot change can sometimes be very liberating. Reversed this card represents confusion and a false calling. When you're hanging upside down, it's hard to see the big picture. Instead of being baffled by your loss of footing, try to let go and flow with the winds of change. 

And with that I'm going to go surrender myself to the winds of change in the weather! and get in that sun before it disappears again!....Northwest problems ;) 

Here's a music video that has some interesting imagery associated with hanging ;) 
Thanks to everyone that came and got tarot readings and decks at the Punk Rock Flea Market! I'm grateful for the opportunity and enjoyed meeting each and every one of you :) 

Any time someone wants a reading again or wants me for an event, I'm game! :) I love doing it.